Monday, July 8, 2013


With only it's fourth episode of season 15, there has been a lot of controversy in the Big Brother House. Three of the house guest have been caught on video saying racist and/or homophobic things. All three house guest are white. Aaryn is a college student who is also a model from Texas, Gina Marie who is a pageant coordinator from Staten Island, and Spencer who is a railroad conductor from Arkansas.

   On the episode that aired on 7/7/13, CBS showed mostly Aaryn saying both racist and homophobic comments about other house guest behind there back. Also about other races in general. Gina Marie was shown saying racist comments while talking with Aaryn. They are both shown laughing about it like it was a everyday thing they did. As for Spencer, they did not show his homophobic comments towards the only gay house guest, Andy, on the episode. But people who watch the live feed heard what he said and have been posting it online.

   All three of these house guest should be kicked off the show in my opinion. By CBS keeping these people on is setting a bad example. I understand about freedom of speech, and I would never tell someone how to think or feel. But there should be no room for comments of peoples race or sexual preferences. Celebrities have lost there jobs or sponsors for saying such things, Paula Deen the most recent. So why should they be able to be allowed to say on the show?

   The thing that also don't make sense is that they say these things knowing that they are on a show like Big Brother that records EVERYTHING! Did they really not think that no one would here them say what they said? If they thought that, there are even more ignorant then they already look. Since all of the comments from the three house guest have came out, Aaryn has lost her modeling contract. Gina Marie was fired from her job as a pageant coordinator, as has Spencer as a railroad conductor. The best part of it all is, they are still in the Big Brother House and have no idea of what has happen to them.

   I am happy that they lost there jobs and that there jobs had the guts to fire them. Speaking of guts, I can not believe that none of the other house guest have stepped up and said something to these three. A lot of them where afraid of saying anything cause they were worried about being put on the block, since Aaryn is the HOH of the week. If I was in that house, I would not care about getting sent home. I would have said something about them being that ignorant. In my family there are many races and some family members that are gay. I could not be around people making comments that they made 24/7 with out saying something. Hopefully CBS wises up and kicks these three off the show.

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