Tuesday, July 9, 2013


   I just had a four day weekend over this past 4th Of July. Normally I don't do much for the 4th Of July now a days. Since the 4th fell on a Thursday, I decided to take the 5th off for 2 reasons, first of all I found out that Weird Al Yankovic was going to be at the Alameda County Fair that day, and second of all I just wanted a long weekend. But Friday was not my only fun filled day.

   Well all the fun started before day one. After work on Wednesday I was sitting at home watching the A's game. I looked over at my wife and said," Man I want to go bowling." A few calls later and I was at Castro Valley Bowl in the bar waiting for my people to show up. Castro Valley Bowl on Wednesday nights has a deal, $10 to bowl from 9-12. So the rest of the night was filled with music, laughs, and bowling as I enjoyed the night with my wife Crystal and our family Angelo, Nicole, Brain, and Scott.

   Day 1, which was also the 4th Of July, did not have any plans but sleeping in at first. Well I ended up going to the movies to see This Is The End. My wife, my boy Scott, and I had already seen this movie when it came out, but my brother in-law Angelo serving in Afghanistan when we went. So now that he was back we took him and his wife Nicole to see it. That movie is hilarious by the way! Then later on that night we went to Scott's house for a BBQ and to watch movies and fireworks that his neighbors were setting off.

   Day 2 was the main day of this four day weekend. Slept in a little with the wife and then started getting ready for the fair. I don't always go to the Alameda County Fair these days, but with Weird Al in concert you knew I was going to be there. The wife and I got to the fair around two in the afternoon and got in with the free tickets I had gotten from my brother Joseph who works part time at the fair. We meet up with Crystal's cousins Brain and Angela and walked around the fair for a bit. We ate and watched the horse races until it was time to get in line for the concert. Brain is as big as a Weird Al fan as I but had never seen him before. This was my second time seeing him, and it was as great as the first time! That was a great day.

   Day 3 did not start as fun as I had plan. I was going to have a bunch of people over for a BBQ that day. I ended up canceling it cause of my sister. She had her wisdom teeth pulled on Friday and was in a lot of pain. So I ended up helping her all day. Then I started cleaning up the house. I did end up BBQing some chicken and hot dogs for dinner. Then later on that night I watched the UFC 162 Pay-Per-View with my dad. I still can't believe Silva fought so stupidly and lost his belt that way.

   Day 4 came with some more sleeping in, hey don't judge I am on vacation! When I did get up had breakfast and got dressed. Then my boy Myles came over and we headed out to the shooting rang in Milpitas. It had been awhile since we had gone shooting. He fired his Mossberg Chainsaw and his Glock 40 Cal and I was firing a 357 revolver. I fired his Chainsaw and Glock also and he fired my 357 revolver. Man that Chainsaw was fun to shot, and the Glock shot off smooth. Once I got back for the rang, the wife and I took off to Safeway to pick up the ingredients I needed to make Albondigas, which is a Mexican soup. I love the soup but never made it before. I got to say it was a big hit. Everyone loved it and I just had to pat myself on the back. After dinner I recorded a episode of the video game podcast I do for the Knights Of The Video Game Table with my fellow host Jeremy.
   So that was my little four day vacation. Did a lot of things when I only thought I was going to was go see Weird Al. Can't beat four days of BBQ's, movies, UFC fights, bowling, cooking, podcasting, concerts, guns, and just have a great time with friends and family. Can't wait for another great couple of days like this to come along! Oh and check out my podcast at www.kvgtpodcast.com.

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