Tuesday, August 6, 2013


   The Conjuring came out on July 19th. As soon as I had seen the trailer for it I got pretty excited. I am one who loves horror movies. Now a days though I try not to get myself to excited for them cause the less excited I am, the less disappointed I will be if it turns out bad or just okay. A lot of times you get the best or most scariest parts in the trailers. Also it seems like horror movies now a days are just some random torture, bloody, and gore film, Which is not a bad thing, but I miss them good old horror movies that make you jump from all the suspense that gets built up throughout the movie. And who doesn't love a movie that makes you second guess walking down the dark hallway at night after watching a horror movie that scared the socks off you.

   Well enter The Conjuring. In the movie, which is based on true events, the Perron family moves in to a old house in 1971. Things seem okay at first even though the family dog whimpers when near the front door and would not enter. Shortly after though things start happening. Noise coming from closets, birds killing themselves against the side of the house, youngest daughter talking and seeing a little boy, and unexplained bruises appearing all over the Carolyn Perron, the mother of the family. The family dog even is found dead one morning.

   Carolyn is awoken one night by what she believes is her daughters playing past there bed time. She gets up to tell them to go to bed when she sees that all five of them are asleep. She then hears voices and all the pictures hanging on the wall along the stairway start moving and crashing to the floor. She runs down stairs thinking that someone is in the house and checks the basement. The door then slams shuts behind her. She lights a match trying to see as the light bulb had exploded. As she leads against the door in the dark, the only light being the small light from the match, hands come from behind her and clap.

   At this point the family knows they need help and call on paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (who are most famous for investing The Amityville Horror which took place in 1975). They come to the Perron's house and quickly find out there place is not only hunted, but there was a very disturbing past connected to the house and former owners. The Perrons and the Warrens would both have to work fast to try and get ride of this evilness as it not only threatened the Perron family, but now the Warrens and there young daughter.

   This is a must see if your a horror movie fan. Even if your like the occasional scary movie from time to time. I am not one that jumps to much anymore during scary movies, not saying I don't get scared, they just don't really get me to jump up in fear. Well The Conjuring got me good! And I also know quite a few people who told me they had trouble sleeping or walking around at night for the first couple of nights after seeing the movie. Now I am not saying having nightmares are fun to have, but if you have trouble sleeping cause of being scared or cause you keep waking up form nightmares, I would have to say that that scary movie did there job. That's exactly what you get with The Conjuring! A must see for any fan of scary movies!

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