Friday, February 24, 2012


   Tomorrow morning at nine A.M. sharp I am taking a test. The test is to get my Phlebotomy licenses so I can draw blood. All the schooling and externship are done, now to finish everything before looking for a job is to get the license. I need to keep the nerves in check.
   Phlebotomy was a job I really never thought I would do. Always was more of a physical worker. Did jobs like moving furniture, fixing appliances, or working in warehouses. Been better working with my hands and figuring things out by taking things apart and fixing them. Use to being out on the road, and not staying in one place. But when I hurt my hip and then my wrist, things had to change. I still need to make money some how, and support my wife and the family we want to have. No kids at the moment, and we want kids. So I needed something to be able to safe money.

   When I was getting ready to be release from my job where I had hurt my wrist, I started looking into different things I could not only possibly do, but that I would also be interested in getting myself into. I had already went to school to learn how to clean surgical equipment back in 2001. That went nowhere. Then went to school at WyoTech to learn heating and air repair in 2005. I got a job shortly after I graduated at Sears. At Sears I also learned how to work on kitchen and laundry appliances. While working at Sears, I hurt my wrist. After three surgery's and finding out that I would need to find a new line of work, I knew my work life was about to change.
   I started looking around the internet for different possibilities. And I landed on Phlebotomy. Phlebotomy is something different. And I would still be able to work hands on. So I signed up with Boston Reed College online, and found out that they had classes for Phlebotomy right in the same city I lived in at the local adult school. Even better, I found out that two of my friends that I have know pretty much all my life were taking the same class at the same time. Made it a lot more easier going to a place that is new and you already know people.
   The class were not that bad. It really helped that the teachers I had were really laid back. I mean if you upset them, it was on,  but other then that we all had good laughs and a fun time learning. I was always called out because, like normal, I was the loudest. But my teachers like that and always used me for a good life when they needed it. I did have some problems in the class for a while. There was a time that I wanted to quit. It seemed that everyone was getting what we need to do, and I was standing in there dust. No chance of catching up with them. I called my teacher and told her I wanted to quit, and she talked me into staying. I came in that night and kicked butt. They should me some tricks and what I was doing wrong, and I felt a lot better about myself. I passed the whole class in the high ninety percent.
   Now that I have my certificate for passing the Phlebotomy class, did my externship, and I got my CPR card that is required. All I need now is my Phlebotomy license. I took the test once already and did not pass it. I did not study as hard as I should have and was really distracted the week that I took the test. This time I took a class that my teacher teaches to help you talk the test. It helped with some of the questions they have on the Phlebotomy test. They ask you questions that as a phlebotomist you don't need to know or do. There were questions that we did not learn in the class. So now I feel way more prepared.
   Getting my license will make me able to get a job drawing blood. And once I start working, I can start making some good money. Once I start doing that, I can start saving up again and catch up with some bills. I also really need to get my own place. The plan is to have the wife go back to school so she can get a better job then the one she has now. If we are both making better money, we can not only save faster, but start the family I wanted to start a couple years ago. Things should start getting to be on the up and up. The game changer will be pass this test and getting that Phlebotomy license. I need things to change, and I am trying hard to make that happen.

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