Monday, February 20, 2012


  Yesterday, 2/19/2012, was the WWE's Pay-Per-View event, the Elimination Chamber. This is the event were they have six wrestlers fighting for the belt in a huge cage called by the same name of the Pay-Per-View, the Elimination Chamber. The chamber is a giant cage with four pods one in each corner of the chamber. The first four wrestlers to come out for the match go into one of the four pods, where they are locked in that pod until five minutes goes by and then they are randomly released one by one. The last two to come out start the match off. The only way to be eliminated from the match is to be pinned or to tap out from submission. The last man standing becomes the new champion. They normally have two chamber match for the show, one for the Raw brand, and one for the Smackdown brand.  The chamber matches are not the only matches they have at the Pay-Per-View.

  The First match however was a Elimination Chamber match for the Raw brand. The six wrestlers that competed in the match, in order as they came out, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and finally the WWE Champion CM Punk. Since Kofi Kingston and CM Punk were the last two to come out, they started the match. I really like these to guys starting the match because both Kingston and Punk are very athletic, and do a lot of high flying moves. Ziggler was the first to be released from the pod.  As soon as Ziggler came out he attacked Punk. There is no love lost between these two guys, and matches between Ziggler and Punk have been great so far. R-Truth is the next man out of the pod. Truth came out strong attacking Ziggler and and Punk. But that was short lived as Punk dropped a big elbow from the top rope on to Truth. Punk followed that with a cover and pinned Truth for the 1..2..3.
  Now with five guys left, Kingston, Punk, and Ziggler continued to beat each other. The count down hit again and the next to come out is my personal favorite, The Miz. Miz comes out and started dominating everyone. After a couple a failed pin attempts, Miz get put into the Anaconda Vice, a submission hold, by Punk. Miz refused to tap as the final  pod opened and Chris Jericho entered the match. Jericho, who has had problems with Punk saying he is a phony and a wannabe Chris Jericho, went straight for Punk, making him release the hold on Miz. Jericho and Punk go back and fourth trying to out do one another. Jericho hits a one of his big moves, the Lionsault, and then went for a cover. Punk kicks out on a two count. As Jericho gets up from the pin, Ziggler tries to roll up Jericho in a pin. Jericho kicks out and puts Ziggler in the Codebreaker and pins him to eliminate Ziggler.
  So now that all the pods are empty, and now there are four guys left. Jericho fired up went after Kingston and put him in the Walls Of Jericho. Kingston quickly tapped out. Jericho was not done with Kingston yet, he refused to let go of the hold and when he did, he threw Kingston out of the chamber. Well Jericho was talking trash to Kingston, CM Punk kick Jericho in the head knocking him to the floor and into a cameraman and hitting his head on a crate on the floor. This lead to Jericho being eliminated from the match because the doctor said he could not go on. Leaving CM Punk and The Miz left to battle for the title. Miz going for the gold put CM Punk in his finisher, The Skull Crushing Finally. CM Punk not wanting to lose his belt, kicked out. As Miz was going for a move, CM Punk moved out the way and Miz hit his had on one of the pods. Punk taking advantage, put Miz in the GTS, Punk's finisher, and won the match.
  The second match was for the Women's Championship. Beth Phoenix defeated her belt against Taminca Snuka. The match started with Beth talking smack to Taminca and Beth giving Taminca a chance to leave the ring before the match started. Taminca refused of course, and the bell rang. Match went back and froth with both wrestlers making big moves. But in the end, Beth Phoenix would retain her title. They really don't give these women wrestlers a chance to show what they got.
     Match number three was Smackdown's Elimination Chamber match. This chamber match featured The Great Khali, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, The Big Show, and the Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. I am going to run through this match a little faster because it was not as good as the Raw's chamber match, and was not as exciting. Big Show and Wade Barrett started the match leaving Khali, Rhodes, Marella, and Bryan in the pods. The fighting when on as the pods where opened. Bryan was the last one to come out of the pod. But before he was allowed out, Big Show ripped open the chains on top of Bryan's pod and claimed in to start beating on Bryan. As soon as the pod opened, Bryan ran for his life. This was about the biggest thing that happen in this match. The wrestlers were eliminated in the following order, Khali, Big Show, Rhodes, and then Barrett. Leaving a one on one match with Bryan and Marella. Now I was hoping that Marella was going to win the match, I am not a big Bryan fan. Bryan ends up retaining his title by making Marella tap out to his submission move, the LeBell Lock. As Bryan is celebrating, Sheamus's music hits and he comes down to the ring and lays out Bryan with the Celtic Cross. Now knowing who Sheamus whats to face at WrestleMania 28.
  Jack Swagger and Justin Gabriel fought next in the fourth match for the United States Champion. This match was not very long. And I think if they had more time, this match could have been better. Both Swagger and Gabriel are great athletes. Swagger came out strong by slamming Gabriel to the mat. As Swagger tries to show off by doing push-ups on Gabriel's back. Swagger then went for a submission that Gabriel reversed and got a two count pin. Swagger then quickly got control back ending the batch with a Ankle Lock submission.
  The final match of the night was John Cena verse Kane in a Ambulance Match. This match as figured was going to be all over the place. They was you win the match is by getting your opponent into the back of the ambulance. Cena and Kane fought all over from the entrance to the the Spanish announce table. Both doing there big moves on each other trying to weaken the other. Cena ended up giving Kane the AA in the end off the top of the ambulance through a stage. Cena then put Kane in the back of the ambulance and won the match. This match could have been a lot more physical then it was. That for sure would have made the match a lot better. 
  I had fun with my friends watching the Elimination Chamber. I can say though that I am glad I was at my friend's house and did not pay for this Pay-Per-View. It was all and all a okay show. The first match should have been the last, because it was by far the best one of the night.

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