Thursday, February 9, 2012


   Valentine's Day is coming up and I already hear everyone talking about what there going to get or where there going to go for there boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband. This always makes me laugh because I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Well I should say my wife and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  I never really have, and don't ever really plan on it in the future.Why do I need to take this one day out of the year to say I love you or show that I really care? If you really love someone, you do it year around and don't need to do anything extra to prove that. And if you really love your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband, you don't need to expect anything on that day. Now if you want to go out on that day then, by all means do it.

   I am not knocking anyone who feels like they need to, or even if they want to. As I always say, to each his own. I mean I personally think its dumb to go out and buy flowers and candy that are marked up way to much cause everyone has to mark up there prices for the day, hell the week or month. And then everyone trying to impress there other by talking them to some restaurant that is way to crowed. Now I know you all are going to say, oh your just cheap. Think what you want, I personally could careless. My wife knows that I am not cheap and we do things all the time. As I said before, I don't need to target a day out of the year to say I love you or buy her flowers and candy. I do that stuff whenever.

   Now have I gotten her stuff on Valentine's Day before? Why yes I have. But when the day comes now, I don't expect anything from her, and she don't expect anything from me. Like I said call me cheap you if like, but true love does not come from the candy, flowers, dinners, cards, balloons, or jewelry that everyone goes out there way to get for just one day. It comes from your heart and being there for each other. Willing to put up with each others flaws. Being there when they need it. Giving up on things they might have wanted to do cause there other does not like it. Putting your pride aside for whatever the reason may be, whether that might be there friends or family members that you have a problem with. Being there if they fall to help them get back up. And that stuff should happen through out the year not just for one day!!

   Now if your reading this and think differently then me, that's fine by me. We all are entitled to our own option on things. Just know I am not judging you on yours, so don't judge me on mine!


  1. How touching! But I agree. We try not to go out on the day, if anything I cook a special dinner, special as in whatever she chooses, but that's about it. I also do usually get her flowers (although I get her flowers about once a month anyway) but I refuse to pay the marked up price! Which is why I go to Trader Joes, they never mark their prices up for any event! As for gifts on valentines day, sure that was how I did things back when I was dating, but after marriage I think a nice dinner and some flowers are the way to go.

  2. Well said and thought out Pat. When I was with you know who, after the first year we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day really. We'd buy a card for one another but that was it. Why spend all that money for a greeting card holiday?
    Hope you and Crystal are doing well and FYI, I start phlebotomy over on 2/28. Wanna come in and be my pin cushion??