Saturday, February 4, 2012


So I just saw the movie Chronicle. I thought it would be a really good movie with action and a good story. Well the story could have been good, and the action could have been great, but the whole movie was in POV, point of view,. I really hate POV movies. If I had known that it was a POV movie, I would not have wasted my time and gone and seen it. Since it was a POV, you lost a lot of the action. Things you want to see, like the fight scenes, where not as exciting cause of the POV. There where some cool parts of Chronicle, but over all I wish I would have seen it when it comes to T.V. so I would not have had to waste my nine dollars. Now I know most would say,"Nine dollars? That's not that bad." Well that's just how I am. If I go to see a movie I want the most out of my money. Especially when they keep raising the prices of tickets. I went with friends, so if I would have drove, I would have left. They took, in my opinion, something that really could have been great, and made it into a mediocre movie. They really took a lot away from this movie because of the POV. I was really wish they had done this movie different. Maybe if I see it again when it hits T.V., who really knows.

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