Monday, June 16, 2014


   Last Saturday my family and I went to the A's vs Yankees' game. My dad and I wanted to see Derrick Jeter one last time in person, so when we got tickets. Not just any tickets, we thought we would see the game in style and got a suite. We were above center field and lined up perfectly with home plate. It was a 12 person suite, but there was only 7 of us. The 7 of us was my mom, dad, brother(Joseph), sister(Emily), wife(Crystal), and my sister's boyfriend Ray.

   Now I am not no Yankee fan at all!! But I got respect for Jeter as a person and a ball player. He is one of the greatest to play the game point blank period. It was great getting to see him play one last time in person. Thank you Jeter.

   The suite we got was pretty awesome. It was loaded with different kinds of food. We was stocked up with hot dogs, sliders, nachos, hot wings, peanuts, popcorn, waters, and some beers. Now that is a great setup. Getting up and getting food whenever you want without standing in line. The other great thing about the suite is that we had our own bathroom. Now I have no problem being with the rest of the crowd and having to stand in line for food and to use the bathroom, but it was sure nice to not have to worry about it. Hey whats wrong with treating yourself every once in awhile?

   As for the game, the A's did there thing and won after losing the first game to the Yankees the day before. Even though the game was delayed 38 minutes cause one of the stadium lights would not come on right away. A's won the game 5-1 with a great outing by pitcher Scott Kazmir as he moved to 8 wins.

   This was my first game of the 2014 season, but it will not be my last. I already got plans to go back to a few games. Below is some pictures of my day out at the game! And as always, LET'S GO OAKLAND!

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