Monday, July 14, 2014


   Yoenis Cespedes, outfielder for the Oakland A's, has done it again! He has become the 2014 Home Run Derby champion. If you remember, he also won it last year in 2013 in New York at the Met's stadium. Tonight he won it in Minnesota at the Twins stadium. Cespedes fought through 4 rounds plus a swing off against fellow Oakland Athletic Josh Donaldson.

"It was something I wanted to accomplish," Cespedes said.
   In the first round Cespedes only hit 3 home runs which tied him with Donaldson. Since only the top three would move on to the next round, a "swing off" between the to Athletics' would happen with Cespedes coming out on top. He would then go on to round 2 to face Adam Jones. Cespedes moved on by hitting 9 homers. Round 3 he faced Jose Bautista who got a bye in the second round cause he scored the most in the first. Bautista went down when he could not catch Cespedes and the 7 home runs in round 3.

I'm not giving away this crown, you gotta take it from me

   In the final round Cespedes had to go against Todd Frazier of the National League. Frazier won the coin toss to see who goes first and elected to have Cespedes to go first. He figured that Cespedes would be to tried to keep going and did not want him to get any rest. Well Cespedes did not need any rest at all as he hit 9 more home runs. Frazier would not be able to over come the 9 more home runs making Cespedes a back to back champ. Congrats to Yoenis Cespedes.

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