Thursday, July 31, 2014


   I am just getting out of the shower and getting ready for work when my phones goes off. I got a update from my ESPN app. I look and my eyes widen and mouth drops with a few cuss words. The Oakland A's traded Yoenis Cespedes to the Boston Red Soxs for Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes. A trade I did not see coming, and well don't believe that any A's fan saw happening.

   Cespedes, who just won back to back home run derby's and one of the biggest parts of our offensive, will be heading to Boston. Just saying that puts a bad taste in my mouth. Now I know that Lester is a beast at pitching. He has experiences and wins in both the playoffs and World Series. Gomes is a hometown boy that was with the A's before. Gomes is a good hitter and outfielder, but he does not have the same hitting presence as Cespedes.

   Its very frustrating seeing your favorite players getting traded away. I understand that Billy Beane is trying to win a World Series this year. And with the add of Lester to our pitching rotation, we are looking pretty good. I see the big picture in what Beane is trying to do. We have not won a World Series since 1989, and the past two years we haven't been able to get past the first round of the playoffs. This might be what we need. Only time will tell.

  With this big trade, another trade was made. Tommy Milone was trade to the Minnesota Twins for outfielder Scott Fuld. Milone wanted to be traded after the was moved to Triple A after the A's picked up Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Cubs.

   Now I am still going to be a A's fan no matter what. The shock of the trade is still with me, but its not like this has not happen before. Being a Oakland Athletics fan, a true Athletics fan, you been around long enough to know this kind of thing happens a lot. Even in the movie Money Ball there is a scene where a guy calls into a radio station saying, "I am tried of the A's being the farm system for the rest of Major League Baseball.".

   This is something I have said many times myself, but I will continue to be a fan of my A's. I have heard people on the radio saying that they where not going to renew there season tickets next year or that they where not going to show as much support to the A's now. This tells me that you are a fan that is only rooting for the A's cause they are doing good. Either way I will be supporting my team. Its apart of the game, as much as it sucks seeing certain players leave.

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