Monday, June 9, 2014


   My weekend started Friday night after work. On Thursday I got my permit for my Class A licence, so to celebrate that my cousin Brian and I went out for some drinks Friday night. That was really nice cause him and I have not gone out for a drink in a long time. We talked about our week and some problems we was having at our normal watering hole called Spanky's. Sometimes you need to blow off some steam with a good friend and a good drink, and that Jack and Coke did the trick!

 Saturday was a long day of good friends, family, food, surprises, and bowling. Well to start off my Saturday I had school. Now things did not go as planned for school since I just got my permit for my Class A. I thought I was going to be driving finally, but we was a teacher short and I could not go out on the road. After school I went straight over to my brother Anthony and his wife Priscilla's son Jacob's first birthday party. They had it in a park in Union City. I got to see a bunch of family and friends, a few that I had not seen in a long time.  They were having a BBQ, and like normal, I ended up on the grill BBQing some ribs. I didn't mind this cause it was for my family.

   Catching up with some friends that I had not seen in a while that was at the party was great. I was just waiting till they opened the gifts. I could not wait for them to get to my gift since I had it sitting in my room for over 3 months. I got him a little sofa that turns into a bed that has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all over it. Anthony and I are big Ninja Turtles fans. After the gifts Anthony and Priscilla had a big surprises and announcement to make. Saying they had a gift for Jacob, but it would not be here till January, and that Priscilla was pregnant. Awesome news and I am so happy for them both! Love those guys, and wish nothing but happiness for there family!

   After the party I meet up with my friends Jeff and Mike at Castro Valley Bowl. It has been about a year since I went bowling, so when Jeff had hit me up the day before about going, I was all in. We played 3 games in which Mike kicked our butts!! If I remember right, his second game he bowled a 165. After the 3 games and a couple of beers we left and I headed home.

   When I get home all I can hear from inside the house is people laughing. My sister, her boyfriend, my mom and my wife where all playing Just Dance 2014. I watched them play as my sister was kicking some butt racking up the most points. My sister begged me to do a song against her, so I did. She picked Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. for the song she wanted to challenge me in. She was not to happy when her older brother had to lay down some dance moves and beat her. Now that was fun. The link is below for the video.
                        Video of my sister and I dancing! "Who you going to call?" 
   Sunday was suppose to be a road trip with my boys Anthony, Synn, and Ben. Anthony could not make it, so Synn, Ben, and I still went out on our little trip to Bass Pro Shop in Manteca. I have passed that place so many time with my boys and by myself so many time. We always say we are going to go check it out, but we never do. We finally got together and made it down there. Man that place is big. The three of us spent like 3 hours walking around and checking out the different departments like, camping, fishing, boating, guns, and ATVs.  Many other things also, that place has pretty much everything. After we left we stopped at Carl's Jr. for some early dinner/late lunch. Got home, said goodbye to my boys and just relaxed the rest of the night.

   You can't ask for a much better weekend. I normally do nothing on my weekends but hangout and maybe play some video games. It was a nice change of pace to be busy all weekend long. Hopefully the next weekend will be somewhat eventful like this past one has been.

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