Wednesday, May 7, 2014


   The month of may is finally here and with it comes a big month of movies! There are 4 major titles that I have been waiting to see since last year all coming out in May. Those movies are, The Amazing Spider-Man 2,Maleficent, Godzilla, and X-Men: Days Of Futures Past. All big movies, and all coming out in this month of May. A fun filled May it will be!

   Since May started last week, I have already seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which came out on May 2nd. Everyone should know I am a huge Spider-Man fan. It was no brainier that I would be there opening night for the new movie. Not going to give any spoilers, but did feel like it could have used a little more action and a little less love story. But the love story they did put in it payed off! And with all these superhero movies, stay for extra stuff during the credits!

   Maleficent might make you wonder why I would want to see that. Well pain and simple.....I love Disney!! Also Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up. As soon as I heard about a live action movie about Maleficent, I was all excited. And after I found out and saw the pictures of Angelina Jolie playing Maleficent, my excitement went up even more. They first said the movie was coming out on May 9th. So this whole week I was getting all hyped up about seeing it. Well I looked online and found out that it is now coming out on May 30th! Going to have to wait a little longer for this one!!

   I had mixed feelings going at first with Godzilla. I thought they were doing a similar thing like Cloverfield. As in a movie in first person mode and you never get a good look at the monster. The first few trailers for Godzilla looked like that. I am not one for the whole first person mode movies. And I would be pissed if they barely showed Godzilla. It works in a movie like Cloverfield when you have no idea what the monster looks like in the first place. But everyone knows what Godzilla looks like! And no not talking about the 98 Godzilla, or should I say Zilla. But the recent trailers for this new Godzilla have looked so good and changed any doubt I have had. Godzilla will be coming out May 16th.

   And finally, X-Men: Days Of Futures Past! Now take it that not all the X-Men movies have been that great~cough X-MEN: THE LAST STAND cough~, but for the most part good. With X-Men: First Class was really good, well I thought anyways. With a mix of the original cast and the new cast, throw in some Sentinels, and hopefully a bunch of action, and this movie is looking to be really good. With any comic book or cartoon movie you hope that they stick to the source material, hopefully they do for this new one! X-Men: Days Of Futures Past is coming out on May 23rd.

   May is a busy month for movies. There are a few other movies coming out this month, but to me, these are the four that are must see. See you at the movies, you know what dates I will be there! 

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