Sunday, June 16, 2013


   The other night I had a interesting dream. I dream't that I was in the middle of the video game Dead Island. Luckily for me, I was one of the immune. I was myself and not another one of the characters. I fought to keep a bunch of survivors alive while we waited for help. Everyone that I was trying to save stayed inside a locked up building where they would be safe.

   Everything was going pretty good until a horde of zombies rushed at once. I told the people I was trying to protect to stay claim and quiet. I lead the horde away and found a building to hold up in. The zombies knew I was in there and I knew I had to stand my ground. They attacked and I fought with everything I had. I got bite only once, but since I immune it did not stop me. I took out a bunch until a Ram should up and attacked.

   I started swing at the Ram trying to deal out as much damage as I could. I tricked the Ram into slamming into random zombies killing them and making it easier for me to escape. On one charge I was to slow moving and got hit. I flew 15 feet back and landed in some bushes. Dazed and with blurry vision from the blow, I start to get up as the Ram is coming in for a finale blow. Not going to be able to move in time I figured that was it. A gun shot is then heard and the Ram falls to the ground. As my vision cleared, I saw the Logan and Sam B standing there. As they helped me up, I woke up.

   I don't normally have dreams like this. Normally I am always the victim or have no power at all. It would have been kinda nice to get to finish the dreaming knowing what happen to the people I was trying to protect. I know for sure that I would have wanted to continue my dream going with the two of the heroes from Dead Island. I guess when you play a game enough you put yourself in it when you sleep.

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