Sunday, April 21, 2013


   Recently a friend showed me a post he saw on Facebook that a female had posted. She basically said that when a guy takes a girl out that he should not spend no less then $100 and have a full tank of gas in there car cause it's a privilege to take out a girl. Now this had my friend and I on the floor laughing when we first read this. Which then lead to us talking about why some women think this way and are feeling on it. Now we did just go off a little and said a lot of things in a funny but annoyed conversion. I just find it funny that someone would think this way.

   Why does it matter how much gas is in a guys tank when he picks you up to go out? I mean I understand a woman would not want to be picked up by a guy driving on empty. And trust me, a guy does not want to have to look over at his date and say,"Do you want to push, or do you want me to?". But to say the only way your going out with a guy is if he has a full tank of gas is ridiculous. And just cause he does not have a full tank of gas, does not mean that the guy is some bum? On any given day, no one has a full tank of gas.

   The statement of,"It's a privilege to take out a girl" is very funny also. Not say that it's a privilege for a female to go out with a guy. Just saying if your interested in each other then go out and have a good time. It's not a privilege either way. Be happy that the guy came up to you out of everyone and wants to get to know you better. Just as a guy should be happy that the girl says yes and wants to get to know  you more as well.

   Now the one that had me laughing the hardest, saying a guy must pay no less then $100 on a date. First of all who put a set limit on how much a guy should pay? Now I am not saying that gives a guy the right to take a girl out to the $1 menu on a date. There is still a such thing as a cheap date, but if a guy does takes you out on a cheap date like the $1 menu go with it. Order your food, eat it, and finish the date. When you get home never talk to the guy again. Be happy that you got some free food and a night out and move on. And who knows, you guys might hit it off!

   I am not saying that guys should be that cheap, but then again no one ever said that a guy is obligated to spend a set amount. I thought the whole point of a date is to get to know each other better. Not to find out how much the guy is willing to spend on you the first time you guys go out. It's a sad day when a girl only goes out with a guy to see how much money he has by how much he is willing to spend. That is the same as a guy taking a girl out and thinking that she is obligated to give it up at the end of the date cause he spend money on her.

   At the end of the day things will most likely not change. I just got to say ladies, don't look at a guys wallet to judge who he is. The size of a mans wallet does not say who he is. At the same time, if the guy is just plan cheap, just don't mess with that guy anymore. And guys, it don't matter how good looking that girl is, if she just wants to go out with you cause you got money, don't do it. A person like that is not worth your time, and diffidently not worth your money! 


  1. Some good points in here

    1. Thank you for the comment and enjoying the post!