Sunday, November 11, 2012


   Back on 10/25/12 my niece Evie turned 1. This past year has gone by really fast. I can still believe how much she has grown. She went from being so tiny little baby till a little person on the move. Even thought I did not stay the whole birthday party, I'm sure everyone will remember my special birthday message!!!

   Its funny how there was a time for a while were she would cry every time she saw me. The funny thing is, She saw me every week. Before I got my job I am working at now, I was babysitting her. Everyone thought that she was going to freak out. Lucky for me though, it did not take her very long to get use to me being around all day.
   Right before her first birthday she started walking. And at her birthday before I left she was all over the place. The reason why I left early was cause they had the party on a Sunday, and the Raiders played that day. Now you can say that I am a ass or whatever for leaving early for a football game. But like I tell everyone before the season starts, don't plan stuff on football Sundays. So I left my niece Evie a little message in her birthday card, which can be watched at the end this. I hope that she slows down in the growing, but can't wait for her to start talking.

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