Monday, November 5, 2012


   It's Sunday night, so that means Walking Dead! Tonight's episode was entitled Killer Within. We find out who has been stalking the group. The prisoners plead to become apart of the group. Merle wants to find his brother, and Andrea wants Michonne to stay a couple more days in Woodbury a few more days. And a very upsetting moment when we have to say goodbye to some group members.

   At the start of the show, They show someone that looks like there in prison cloths louring walks towards a gate he opened with a dead deer. Rick, T-Dog, and Daryl are outside are piling up the dead walkers. They call out to Glen, who is up in one of the guard towers with Maggie. As Glen and Maggie are coming down to help out, Axel and Dexter come walking up. Axel pleads to be apart of Rick's group, but his pleads fall on deaf ears. T-Dog wants to give them a chance, but Rick and the others vote against it. The prisoners say they would rather be on the road then to go back in the cells where there dead friends were, saying there were "ghost".

   Over in Woodbury, Michonne is looking over the army trucks that The Governor and his group brought back after killing the National Guard soldiers. She finds a bunch of bullet holds and blood behind where the gunner stands. As she jumps out of the back of the truck, The Governor is standing there and says,"Ugly out there". Michonne questions him bout the bullet holes, then walks away not believing anything The Governor has to say. She is then seen with Andrea talking about where they will travel once they leave Woodbury. Michonna wants to try and head to the coast, while Andrea wants to believe The Governor is on the up and up, which does not make Michonne very happy.

   Back at the prison, Lori and Beth bring Hershel some crutches. As Beth passes Carl, they gave each other a little puppy love smile. Hershel then uses the crutches to head to the prison grounds along with Lori, Beth, and Carl. Glen, Daryl, and Rick look over to see Hershel moving around, and they all have smiles. The moment is lost when Carl turns around and sees walkers coming in from behind them along with sirens going off.. He opens fire while everyone tries to escape. Rick, Glen, and Daryl sprint to try and catch up to help.T-Dog rush to the open gate to close it, as he closes the door he is bitten in the shoulder. T-Dog and Carol escape into one part of the person, while Lori, Maggie, and Carl escape opposite of them. Hershel and Beth use one of the crutches to lock themselves behind a gate. Rick and Glen shoot out the speakers so the sirens will stop. Dexter says he knows how to shut off the sirens and they take off.

   Meanwhile back at Woodbury, Andrea shows Merle how to find Hershel's farm. Merle does a little flirting with her. He then tells her they have something in comment being left behind by the same group. Andrea questions The Governor's character. Merle defenses him saying he was a good man, leaving Andrea somewhat convinced.

   While T-Dog tells Carol that he is going to get her to safety no matter what, saying "Its God's Plan", Carl, Lori and Maggie duck in a room to try and wait out the walkers and wait for help. Lori grabs hers stomach and stats she is going into labor. Lori tells Maggie there is no time to get back or get Hershel, and that she will have to deliver the baby. T-Dog and Carol are now shown heading down a hallway. Two walkers come around the corner right where they need to go to escape. T-Dog then rushes the two walkers pinning them against the wall telling Carol to flee while she can. She runs past as T-Dog is torn apart.

   As they switch back to Woodbury, Merle approaches The Governor about taking a few guys out to scout the farm to find his brother. The Governor tries to talk him out of looking for his brother until he has more information telling him that Woodbury would fall apart of with him. Andrea then has a drink with The Governor who tries to get her to stay. As Andrea leaves, The Governor reviles that his name is Philip. Andrea then tells Michonne they should stay for a couple more days, making Michonne upset and she walks out of the room.

   Back in the prison Rick, Daryl, and Dexter reach the generator room. As Daryl is holding the door shut, Rick and Dexter shut off the sirens when they are attacked by the prisoner who set the walkers free in the prison yard. In the fight, Rick drops his gun which is picked up by Dexter. The unknown prisoner tells Dexter to shoot Rick and they can take back the prison. Dexter shoots the prisoner and gives the gun back to Rick.

   While this is all going on, Maggie is trying to deliver Lori's baby. Maggie tells Lori there is a problem and to stop pushing. Lori tells her she knows what is wrong and that her to do a C-section. Lori wants her baby to survive no matter what, and tells Maggie that she will have to kill her so she won't turn. Saying it can't be Rick that does it. Maggie cuts open Lori and saves the baby, as Lori laying there past out or dead from the blood lost. Maggie tells Carl that he is going to have to shoot her so Lori will not come back. Carl draws his gun telling Maggie that she is his mom. There is a quick cut scene of Carl thinking back of Rick telling him that kiddie time is over and he will have to do what is necessary if he or Lori ever turned. As they show Maggie holding the baby checking to see if the walkers had left, Carl shoots his mother in the head, making sure she does not come back.

   Rick, Dexter, and Daryl meet back up with Glen and Axel. The turn the corner and find the two walkers that killed T-Dog eating him. They kill them and show remorse over his death. Daryl picks up the scarf Carol was wearing, figuring she was dead too. Back in the prison yard Rick and his gang tell Hershel that T-Dog and Carol did not make it. He then asks about Lori and Carl. Just then Carl and Maggie with baby come walking in. Carl has a blank look on his face with a couple of tears running down his face. Rick ask about Lori's where about are, with Maggie crying and shaking his head. Rick then brakes down screaming no crying and falling to the ground ending the episode.

   The group gets smaller and smaller by the show. With the death of two of the group members, I believe that Axel and Dexter will be joining the group. Andrea is really getting to be a annoyance! A lot has happen in the first four episodes. And we have not even hit the halfway point. 

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