Saturday, January 28, 2012


So last night I went to a crab feed with some of my friends, Angelo, Ray, Cory, and Jeremy. We normally go to two a year, one in January and one in December. We like the January crab feed a little more then the December crab feed because they also serve shrimp. They really give you your moneys worth with all the food they give you. They first bring out this really good salad that already has the dressing mix with the salad. Then the they bring out pasta. Now it is really good pasta, that has big pieces of meat in it and covered in parmesan cheese. I had me a couple of big plates of both the salad and pasta. Then out came the crab and shrimp. The conversion changed big time at the table that my friends and I were sitting at. We went from very talkative and loud, to quiet and barley speaking. Man we put away a lot of crab and shrimp. We must of had at least seven buckets of crab brought to our table. And about four buckets of shrimp. Now that's a slow day for us, we normally take out more crab then that. But we all got a belly full, and our money was well spent. Now to the raffle they had. I was not planing on buying any raffle tickets, but then I saw a really nice tool set. Now I have a tool set already, but what guy would not want more tools? Plus it also came with a really nice ratchet set. So I bought five tickets just for the hell of it to try and win it. So when they were pulling tickets for the tool set, I walked over to listen to the numbers being called. And guess what, I won it!!! I love this tool set and can't wait to be able to use it. Also, my brother in-law Angelo won a signed hockey puck from the San Jose Sharks. Had a great time and my friends and I are already looking forward to the next crab feed.

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