Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ok so its almost time for the Raider vs Steelers game. This is a big game for us Oakland Raider fans. We are in 1st place in our division and we need this win to prove that we can hang with the big boys. And I know we can. We beat the Steelers last year and I know we can do it again this year. The Raiders need to run that ball down there throat and our QB Jason Campbell need to get the ball to the receivers and not make any mistakes. And the Raiders defense need to stay tough, stick with there man and hit Big Ben(the Steelers QB) as much as possible. The Raiders need to play hard and tough and we can put this game in the books as a win!!!! I believe that the Oakland Raiders will win and that we will stay in 1st place, and we will make the playoffs. This is a Raider team that is focused and strong, and they, as there slogan says, they JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!!

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  1. Well the Raiders could not get it done today. In fact, we could not even score a TD. Wow, we were doing so good!!