Friday, November 19, 2010


  Well this is my first blog I have ever had. I plan on talking about sports, video games, and movie as the name of my blog is titled. I will be giving my thoughts and my opinion on things that are happening in sports and my favorite teams. I am a Oakland A's, Oakland Raider, L.A. Laker, San Jose Sharks, and Cal Bears fan. I also like the Florida Gators.
   As for video games, I play a lot. I will be giving reviews and reports on games that are coming out and that I have played. Movies are one of my favorite things to go and do. I love all types of movies and will be writing about them when I go and see them. Also do reports on movies from the past and movies that I think you should go see.
   I really hope I fine people that are interested in my thoughts and opinion, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinion, good or bad. I am also apart of a video game podcast called, Knights Of The Video Game Table. You can find us on iTunes and at If you like what I have to say, or even if you don't, please tell your friends and leave comments.

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