Friday, August 7, 2015


   Yesterday at work I get a call from my wife. The first words out of her mouth are,"I got some great news for you". Right away the first thought that pops into my head is,"Oh great, she lost her job some how!", but no, that was not it at all. She tells me that someone stole her Social Security Number(SSN). With her stolen SSN, some low life opened a account with Verizon to get a cell phone.

   The wife tells me that she called the people at the Social Security place, and they told her to file a police report for stolen identity. She had also talked to he people at Verizon to tell them she did not open a account with them and that she wanted it closed. When I asked her if they had closed the account, she said they told her that she would have to fill out some paperwork and send it back to them so they can investigate everything.

   This made me even madder! I told my wife to call them back and tell them they needed to close that account ASAP! There was no way I would have some Ass Hat using a cell phone under her SSN any longer then they have had it. I told my wife to explain to the people at Verizon that if they did not close the account, that they would have to deal with me, not only on the phone, but I was going to go to one of there stores and raise hell till it was closed.

   The second person the wife talked to must of known what she was doing more then the first cause she closed the account. She saw that the account was opened in Anaheim California and that was was 6 hours away in Castro Valley. She told my wife,"Yeah I doubt you would drive down 6 hours to open up a cell phone account"....well duh!!!

   I had also told the wife to tell whoever she talked to, to look into the employee who opened the account. I am thinking it was a inside job because he "apparently" called Crystal to make sure it was okay to use her SSN to open the account. And obviously she never talked to anyone about that.

   They lady with Verizon said that she already put in for a investigation on the employee who opened the account. The wife then told the lady at Verizon how the people at the Social Security office told her to file a police report. Verizon then going to tell my wife that we don't have to do that now cause they are going to do a investigation. Yeah, OH OKAY! There is no way we are not still filing a report with the police. Someone tried stilling my wife's identity, like we are not going to report it.

   Well the good thing is, that our bank account is fine and now there on the lookout for anything weird to pop up. I really hope they catch these people who tried to get away with stealing my wife's identity. Fingers crossed that this will not be a long pain in the but process.

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