Monday, May 14, 2012


   So I have turned 30 years old back on Thursday May 3, 2012. I was not completely looking forward to this day, but it has come and past and nothing really has changed from 29. Now leaving my 20's was a trip for me. I look at the past 10 years and wonder not only where did they go, but also at the things that I have done and should have done. The day of my birthday was also very fun, my family and I went to the Giants game in San Francisco.

   When I look back at the things that have happen over the past 10 years, I smile but also get upset. I met some great people. I have also lost a lot of people, family and friends. Had my ups and downs with jobs. Got hurt at work which changed everything. I also got married. Became a Godfather to 3 beautiful girls. Also a Uncle to a beautiful little girl who cries her butt off when she sees me!
   I went to the Giants game on my birthday. Now everyone knows that I am a Oakland A's fan, but they were out of town on my birthday, so my dad got me tickets for the Giants game. We try to go to a baseball game every year on my birthday. The Giants played the Florida Marlins. I had never been the Giants new stadium so it was exciting to see another ball park. That place is huge and puts my Oakland A's stadium to shame. We had great seats, we sat on long the third baseline. Now like I said before, I am a A's fan, not a Giants fan. So I went the the Giants game in San Francisco in all my A's gear. It was great!! The only thing that kinda got me was the fact that no one really said anything, well at least to me, about me wearing A's gear to the game. I also was holding up a sign that said, "Today is my 30th birthday and the A's were out of town so I ended up here!" I got a few good laughs at that one. Hey I am going to rep my A's win or lose baby! I had a blast at the game even though the Giants lost. Hey I am a A's fan but since I was at the game I was showing some love to the Giants.
   Well now in my 30's I am looking forward to seeing things turn around. I can only move forward, but still like to take sometime to look back at these past crazy 30 years. I just sit back and wonder what the next 30 have in store for me. I am excited and ready for whatever it will bring!

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