Saturday, May 23, 2015


   Yesterday I was at the chiropractor with my mom when my eye started itching. I knew I was having a allergy attack, but thought nothing of it. Next thing I know my mom goes,"Oh my god! Your eye is really swollen!". I was thinking that she was just exaggerating. Well no she was not, as I looked into my phone's camera and saw that my eye had indeed swelled up.

   I took some meds as soon as I got home. Now its the next day, and my eye is still swollen, but not as bad. It really looks worst then it feels. A lot of people who saw it, freaked out a little, but I am fine. My mom said that it looked like I got hit in the eye.

   This is the second time in three weeks that my eye puffed up like this. I really need to start keeping medicine on me for my allergies at all times now. The funny thing is, I don't normally get allergy attacks in the spring time. I normally get them in the winter. Like I said, going to keep medicine on me just to be on the safe side when I get these random attacks.

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