Monday, April 7, 2014


   Last night a era came to a end! The Undertaker lost to,and this pisses me off to say, Brock Lesner. Ending his prefect win steak of 21-0. This did not go over well with me or I would say damn near the whole WWE fan base. In my opinion there a list of wrestlers that should have given The Undertaker his first lost at a WrestleMania then Brock Lesner.

Legends never die, The Undertaker is a Legend!

   Now before anybody even wants to start, yes, we all know pro wrestling is not real. The matches are planned and the WWE is a sport of entertainment. If you have been a fan as long as I have, you don't care. You love watching and rooting for your favorite Super Stars no matter what.

   Having said that and getting it out of the way, I can not figure out why they would decided to have he lose to Brock Lesner. Not trying to say that Brock Lesner is not a man who has done nothing in his sports career. Face the facts, the man is a beast. I just feel like they could have picked a bigger WWE Super Star then Lesner. Her is a few names I believe that should have had the privilege to end The Streak: Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Stone Cold, CM Punk, Kurt Angle, Sting, Daniel Bryan. Even up comers that it would have really boosted there career such as Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns would have been perfect for it too after breaking Kane's Royal Rumble record.

    Or even do I dare say John Cena? Yes I would say John Cena! Cena love him or hate him is one hell of a Super Star! He is there day in and day out busting his ass. Lesner is a part time guy. Now I know you can say,"Well Taker is only there a couple of times a year the last few years!". True, but Undertaker has had a very long career and has earned the right to be there a few times a year. I don't feel like Lesner is anywhere close to a career to snap The Streak.
Me and my friend Scott after Undertaker lost, stayed like that for like 15 minutes! 
   At the end of the day, The Streak is over at 21-1. Something that I feel that should have never been broken, with Undertaker retiring undefeated. I feel cheated as a life long fan, not just of The Undertaker, but as a wrestling fan in general. Growing up with The Steak since it started in 1991 at WrestleMania 7 made it so much harder to watch it end. From what I heard, Undertaker wanted to lose to Lesner, and wanted it to end by him in 2010. Still as a fan, and I can tell from the reaction from the WWE Universe, it is going to bug me for a long time that Brock Lesner ended The Streak. I guess the saying is true, "All good things must come to a end".

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