Friday, October 21, 2011


Ok I must have had a couple hours to kill cause I just saw the dumbest movie ever, Paranormal Activity 2. I did not even want to waste the money to go and see it in the movies, so lucky, or should I say unlucky, for me it is on Netflix now. So me and the wife started to watching it cause we have some friends who want to see the third one that just came out. So I figured hey, why not watch it and we can go tonight and check out the third one, maybe the second one will not be as bad I thought it was going to be. Cause personally I thought they should have just made the first one and leave it at that. So as I thought, it sucked. I fell asleep for a wail, and the story was pretty much the same from the first. They just had more people in this one. Well at least the first one had more going on. But that movie was not good at all, and I tell anyone who was thinking about see Paranormal Activity 2 or 3, I would tell you not to waste your time. Now don't get me wrong, I love scary movies, and no they don't all have to be bloody horror ones. I like suspenseful ones too, but they took to long to built up to the suspense which lead it to be boring. I mean like I said, I fell asleep well it was on. Well if I ever decide to see the third one, it will defiantly be on Netflix.

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