Wednesday, March 29, 2017


   I have really been trying to get my YouTube channel Solis64 going. I know that the best way to have a successful YouTube channel is to focus on one subject, such as video games or cooking. My channel differently don't focus on just one thing. It is a little all over the place with the different things I do. Might be a good idea to try and just do one thing, but I like make a bunch of different kinds of videos. Considering that I will most likely never be but mediocre, I think I will stick to what I am doing.

   I started off using YouTube as a place I would place joking around or prank videos. I still do this from time to time, and have some ideas for prank videos for the future. Now the kind of prank videos I do are not the ones where someone throws crap on people or things to that nature. I like do scary videos for sure. Also things like putting Yankee stuff on my friend who likes the Boston Red Soxs. Things like that.

   Video game post are one of my favorites to do. And as I am learning how to edit and put different videos together, they are only getting better and better. Not just putting up random game play, but putting together compilation videos of me kick some butt in games like TitanFall and Gears Of War. Also funny video game post and play-through videos.

   One thing I do good, is rant. Rant videos I do help me vent about things that are making me mad at the moment. I try to do a rant video right after something happens or with in a few hours of it happening. I do this to show my true feels and how upset I am about whatever it was that made me want to rant.

   My other favorite kind of videos are my cooking/ food review videos. I like to cook a lot, and so I started doing how to videos to different things I like to cook. Some are just quick this is how I make things, and other are more detailed. Doing step by step ways I prep and cook the meal. Food reviews are just plan fun. I find a item, most likely a new food item, at different food places and give a review on if I like it and if I would order it again. Trying food out for a review for my opinion, sounds like a win for me. These are also videos that seem to get the most views.

   I started doing weekly vlog videos about a year ago. Showing stuff going on with me and the things I do through out the week. Also giving quick opinions on things happening that week. I started off doing these videos flowing my time at the gym on a weight loss journey, and ended up changing it to just adding them to a weekly vlog. I am still really trying to get these to get a good steady amount of views.

   Finally I have different sports and concert video and footage. Videos from being at sports events, supporting my favorite teams, to my own sports adventures. Concert footage from the different music concerts I try to attend. Concerts from big know bands to my boy Brian's band Angels Of Fear!

   I have all these different videos in playlist if you would like to check them out. I am in the works of trying to make a short film. So be on the look out for that. And if you have not already, go and subscribe to my channel! Solis64

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