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   Recently I downloaded the DLC Ryder White for Dead Island. In this DLC you play as the character Ryder White, a soldier who has a major part of the main story of Dead Island. If you have not finished the main story of Dead Island, then do not continue reading for there will be spoilers! Ryder in this DLC is trying to contain the infection on Banoi Island and also find and cure his wife Emily. He is conflicted between his duty as a soldier and the love for his wife.

   The game starts off with a cut scene of Ryder having his loyalty tested by his superiors. They show a bunch of target for him to kill if necessary. He hesitated when they showed him a picture of his wife, but then said that he would kill her if he had to. The cut scene ends with Ryder in a helicopter with some other soldiers flying over the city of Moresby coming back from bombing the jungle to contain the infection, when the copilot turns into a zombie and attacks the other pilot. The helicopter goes down and crashes in the city only leaving Ryder alive. When he awakens from the crash, Ryder calls for a pick-up. He is told that he is needed on the ground and to regroup at Saint Christopher's Church with B.I.D.F(Banoi Island Defense Force) Unit 4 because they have not check in and they have explosives needed to blow up the city bridges to contain the outbreak.
   Ryder fights his way through the zombie infested city to try and make contact with Unit 4. When he arrives at the church, he finds that Unit 4 has been killed. Not only was Unit 4 killed, they also had all there weapons and explosives have been stolen by a gang called the Raskols. Ryder radios in the situation and is then told to make his way to Sector 3 were the Raskols have taken over the Police Station. When he arrives to the Police Station, he has a fire fight with the gang. After killing a bunch of the Raskols, Ryder recovers the stolen explosives. With the streets blocked, he heads through the sewers to get the the bridge.
   Once Ryder comes out of the sewers, he is greeted by more of the Raskols' gang members. They have claimed the bridge as there territory and will not let anyone else pass through. Left with no choice but to kill everyone blocking his way, he fights his way through the ruthless gang. Once through he sets the explosives on the bridge and set them off destroying the bridge and isolating the city.
   With the mission complete, the B.I.D.F tells Ryder to get to Sector 6 and get on top of the gas station there to be evaced. As he arrives to the gas station he sees that the place is over run with zombies. There is plenty of weapons to defend himself with, which Ryder will need. As he waits for the chopper to arrive, waves after waves of zombies come after Ryder. The chopper finally shows up and Ryder flees the city.
   A cut scene starts showing Ryder calling his wife Emily tell her to get ready to be picked up. Emily tells Ryder not to worry about her because she was bitten by a infected patient. Ryder can not accept the idea of losing his wife and heads to the prison to find his wife. When he does find her, she is strapped to a bed barley able to speak because of the infection.  A inmate by the name of Kevin tells Ryder that there is a cure for the first stage of the infection. Kevin tells Ryder to meet up with him, but to do so he will have to fight his way through the prison. The prisoners that have not been infected have found weapons and are now running the prison.
   Once Ryder finds Kevin, he realizes that Kevin is not who he said he was. He is really a terrorist by the name of Charon. Ryder is reluctant to help Charon at first, but once Charon tell him there are a group of heroes coming with a antidote. And while they wait there is a antibiotic that can slow the transformation. Charon also tells Ryder they need to restore the emergency power. Ryder takes off and after he restores the emergency power, he heads out to find the antibiotic. After a battle with the prisoners and zombies, Ryder finds the antibiotic and then heads back to his wife and injected her with it.
   When Ryder gets back to Charon, he watches as Charon is talking to a scientist in a laboratory. The scientist is arguing with Charon about a sample Charon wanted. So Charon overrides the cages in the laboratory and frees a bunch of zombies that then kill the scientist. Ryder then gets told to go to Block C and clear the way for the heroes. As Ryder comes back, he over hears Charon posing as Ryder to the heroes. Ryder then threatens to kill Charon. Charon tells him to calm down and that the heroes will be there soon with the antidote.
   Charon then has Ryder put knockout gas on top of a elevator. He tells Ryder to do this because he knows that the heroes would not trust either one of them so they had to make sure to get that antidote. As Ryder is getting ready to leave, Charon tells Ryder that Emily is to far along and that the antidote won't work. Ryder locks him in a cage and goes after the antidote. Once he gets it, Ryder heads straight for his wife. Realizing it was to late for his wife, he swears that he will cure his wife by making the antidote stronger. Ryder then heads to the rooftop to a helicopter with Emily still strapped to the bed. As he was getting ready to load her into the chopper, the heroes show up with Charon. This then leads to the final cut scene of the main game.
   The Ryder White DLC was a lot more challenging then the main campaign. In the main campaign if you died, there was a count down and you re-spawn after a few seconds. Not in the DLC, instead if you die you restart back at your last check point. At the beginning of the game there seems to be a lot more infected enemies compared to the walkers. The infected are harder to deal with since they are in-between becoming a zombie and still being human. They are going out of there mind's and will run at you extremely fast and will take you out quick. In the main game you can get away without using guns, but in the DLC, there are parts that will not be able to beat with out one. Luckily there is more guns and ammo around in the DLC compared to the main story.
   I had a lot of fun playing through the Ryder White campaign. It was a really nice surprise that they made it harder then the main story. One bad thing that I can say is that it was a little bit glitchy. It would lag from time to time and sometimes the zombies would glitch through the doors. It was not bad enough to stop play though. And the game play time is long, so you don't have to worry about over paying for the DLC only to play for a short time. They also let you in on something that were not explained in the main game. You get more info about the main story in the DLC. Over all if your a fan of Dead Island I would suggest picking up the Ryder White's Campaign DLC.

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